About Us

Fénix ProDabing (hereinafter referred to as FPD) officially started its activities on 01.10.2011.

We are an interest group dealing mainly with non-commercial amateur dubbing and voiceovering. Thus, no FPD member is paid here and we do it only as a hobby.

Our goal is to bring quality dubbing to games and multimedia works that we find interesting, and to give other people a comprehensible experience of the work. It is certainly not our aim to enrich ourselves or negatively influence these works, but rather to make them more visible to a wider range of people. We often try, especially with smaller and fancier foreign works, to approach the authors directly with an offer.

At the same time, we support Czech filmmakers with dubbing in this area, but because of the great interest, we are forced to select really high-quality projects. We are also able to handle commercial projects, but there it is not like FPD anymore, as we are not a legal entity, but an arrangement between the client and FPD members.

We are very happy that we have managed to build a wide base of fans of our dubbing and supporters of FPD in general, so one of our goals is not to disappoint you.

Fénix ProDabing



Annoying Orange American Dad
Robot Chicken Troopers
Cyanide and Happines Black Books
How It Should End asdfmovie

Movies, Short Films

Papers, Please Star Wars: Broken Allegiance
Batman: Arkham City Batman: Arkham Asylum
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed SW Broken Allegiance
Futurama: The Lost Adventure Apollo 18


Outlast Alan Wake
OMSI Bus Simulator Return to Castle Wolfenstein
Diablo II Prey
Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil The Stanley Parable

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You can contact us at zc.gnibadorpxinef@ofni

or use the following form